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Spa manicure & 45 minute classic facial


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Eyelash Extensions

What's the difference?

One extension applied to one natural lash. this enhances the natural lash with a darker lash line but doesn't add any more coverage or volume

IMG_4036 (1).jpg


Half the lashes we apply are classic, which is a thicker lash and the other half are light volume, which is a fan consisting of 3 thinner and lighter lashes. this combination gives you a beautiful mix of darkness from the classic lashes and light coverage from the volume



we use three fine extensions applied to one natural lash to achieve a softer, lighter but still full coverage set. this is ideal for clients who want a subtle but full look


Light Volume

By far our most popular style of lashes. Glam Volume uses a premade 6D fan, meaning 6 super thin lashes within the fan applied to each natural lash. Ideal for the client who loves a fuller more obvious but still soft look


Glam Volume

Brow Tinting

What's the difference?

immediately after
14 days after

Regular tint is the most commonly used tint within salons, If you've had a tint before this is most likely what you have had. it has fast processing times but lacks stain retention and colour variation. if you are blonde and want your brow tint to last without going super dark then hybrid tint would work better for you.

immediately after
14 days after

Hybrid tint is our most popular tint and is highly recommended. We have a wide range of colours to choose from to find your perfect shade and tone, and its stain retention is noticeably better than the regular tint. The hybrid tint works by fully penetrating the hair follicle whereas the regular tint only coats the hair. This is what allows the  stain and the dye to last so long. The dye lasts 6+ weeks but

most clients usually still prefer to book 4 week appointments to keep their brows looking fresh. the Hybrid tint is also amazing for blondes, using the light brown shade allows for their brows to last just as long as everyone else without having to go super dark like they would normally have to with the regular tint. the hybrid tint gives an almost brow tattoo effect.

henna 2 week_edited.jpg
immediately after
14 days after

Henna is our third option for brow tinting. like the hybrid tint we have lots of colours within this range. it seems to depend on the client as to which brow option between henna and hybrid lasts longer. They are fairly similar but henna gives a more powder effect on the brows whereas hybrid tint is a more intense colour.

Lash Lifts

A lash lift is a semi permeant treatment for curling the lashes. It involves applying 2 different solutions to lift and hold the lashes, resulting in your lashes appearing longer. we have several different rod sizes to create the perfect curl for any length lash. Add a tint to make your eyes really pop. Lash lifts can be done every 6 weeks making them a great budget friendly option or if you consider yourself "low maintenance". Our therapists are highly trained and qualified enusring no damage to your natural lashes.


Brow Lamination


Brow Lamination uses the same products as lash lifting. we redirect the hair upwards to create a fuller brow. This treatment is great for anyone with thin or over-plucked brows.  it creates a more arched lifted Effect. Brow lamination is also great for brows with gaps as we can brush the hairs to hide any sparse spots. At no extra cost we offer the hybrid tint with our laminations for longer lasting colour.


This facial works by gently buffering away the outermost layer of the skin to help achieve a smoother, brighter appearance. This is a non invasive treatment with no downtime. we recommend Multiple treatments at monthly intervals to achieve optimal results. The benefit of removing dead skin cell build up allows products used within your facial to penetrate deeper and increase effectiveness, as well as stimulating blood flow to increase your skins natural cell turn over.

Manicures & Pedicures

Mini Manicure & pedicure treatments include cuticle work, file, shape and polish. our mini treatments do not include a soak, Please select either classic or spa if you are wanting a soak.

Classic manicure & pedicure includes a relaxing soak, Cuticle work, file, shape, Exfoliation (pedicure only) and massage. Please note if you have selected shellac with your manicure we will skip the soak to prevent the nail bed from expanding and the shellac lifting.

Spa Manicure & Pedicure includes a soak, cuticle work, file, shape, exfoliation, massage and a hydrating mask. Exfoliation (pedicure only)Please note if you have selected shellac we will skip the soak to prevent the nail bed from expanding and the shellac lifting.

at Loxia lash & beauty we use cnd shellac & vinylux polish with our nail treatments.


let your troubles melt away while you enjoy one of our relaxation massages with Tullia. 

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